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The model railroad club room is now a de-construction zone and is closed to visitors, except for the times when we are set up for selling assets.



PebbleCreek Model Railroad Club to Close

In July 2019, the PebbleCreek HOA informed us that our space (Room 106 at the Eagle’s Nest Activities Center) is needed for other uses. It was asked that we relinquish the room by May 2020.

The PebbleCreek Model Railroad Club thanks you for your support over the years, and we have enjoyed sharing our hobby with the Community.

In order to meet this commitment, we are working to disassemble and dispose of the elements of the indoor layout. The garden layout will also be dismantled. We will not hold Open House events this fall.

Our History

It was over 21 years ago that some Creekers met to create the club. Chuck Weart and Bruce Petrarca are the only remaining founding members. We started building a sectional layout that we stored in the room that belonged to the woodcarvers then.

In 2001, we were asked by the Arts and Crafts Committee if we wanted to build a garden layout in the courtyard of the Activities Center. “Of course,” we replied. Our first permanent layout was operational for the Fall Festival in 2001 and has been in operation for the eighteen years since.

In 2005, the Arts and Crafts Committee informed us that, with the opening of the Arts and Technology center in Tuscany Falls, the “painting” room would become free and we could use it for a permanent layout. We spent a year planning the layout. When we got the keys to room 106 in very early January of 2006, the members worked on bringing the plan to reality in quick order. We ran trains on permanent track in a ceremony on February 7, 2006. That same track is in use today. The track work was complete for the entire layout and a “golden spike” ceremony was held on October 10, 2007.

Lots of scenery and detail work was left to be done. In all, over the course of thirteen years, the indoor (HO) layout has taken tens of thousands of hours of work and and an expenditure of about $35,000.

In addition to hosting three annual Hoiiday Open House events here in PebbleCreek, the layout has hosted operating sessions with enthusiasts coming from throughout the United States and Canada; and has been featured for three “Desert Ops” invitational operating weekends in the Valley.

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