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Garden Jan 2017


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Garden Railroad

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Garden Railroad


Thnksgiing 2016 setup

Paul Johnson sets up trains to run at Thanksgiving 2016 (Bruce Petrarca photo)

Arrow Gauge Chistnas 2016

A narrow gauge rail truck brings presents at Christmas 2016 (Bruce Petrarca photo)

The PCMRC Garden Railroad was constructed starting in 2001.  Today, it is a G scale outdoor loop railroad which now consists of three ndependent loops. We had our first open house for Thanksgiving 2001 with the expanded layout.

The operation of the garden layout is being converted to be independent of track power. The locomotives will be controlled by radio links and power will come from on-board batteries.

The club has equipment and buildings for the railroad and operates it periodically for special events and celebrations.

Paul Johnson took over as Superintendent of the Garden Railroad in late 2015. He is responsible for all the improvements and extensions made since then. Great job Paul!